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Keeping a democracy strong requires the assistance of each of its citizens!

Some Americans, like elected officials, judges, teachers, and law enforcement and military personnel have jobs that, by their nature, are directly related to keeping the country strong. But most of us have occupations not directly related to keeping the country strong. So for us, we need to do non job-related things to play our part in keeping the country strong and thus free.

We've identified specific things each of us can do on a day-to-day basis which will keep this democracy alive. We call them "citizen actions" and have grouped them into 6 categories.

We have also identified specific citizen actions for school-age americans.

Actions by Category

Heritage - Actions that remind us of our heritage.

Democratic Process - Actions that involve us in the democratic process.

Special Groups - Actions that support special groups with a responsibility for keeping the country strong.

Government - Actions that help us understand our government.

Community - Actions that promote a sense of community.

Individuals and Families - Actions that strengthen individuals and families.

Actions For School-Age Americans

Top 10 Citizen Actions

Top ten citizen actions


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