"Time to Care"

Composed and produced by Joe Burge and Patrick Taylor 

Verse 1:

Not long ago we had a bond

Brothers and sisters all were country strong

But down the road we lost our way

We got lazy and gave that power away

It fell to the hands of the very few

You think those special interests are interested in you?

We have the privilege to be happy and free

But it's up to us to take responsibility


Life is floating away

Liberty could be a thing of yesterday


Listen up now

It's time to care

For the past and the kids and the country
that we all share

Democracy… so much more than a word

It's of, by, for the people who make it work

Verse 2:

Our founding fathers might not be proud

to see exactly how their work turned out

It takes work and it takes pain and maybe
even a Saturday

To make this place the one we know it as

Did we forget about sacrifice

But I'm not here to tell you how to live your life

But with some effort and some patience,
there's power for the taking- you'd be amazed

So let's make it right